Our Church

 BlocksWe are a fundamental church!

The word fundamental simply means basic or foundational. A good basketball coach consistently drills his team on the fundamentals, or basic skills, of the sport. Likewise, a fundamental Baptist church does not stray from the foundational teachings of the Bible. We strive to base our beliefs and practices on the never-changing Word of God, rather than the ever-changing traditions of men.


BaptistWe are a Baptist church!

The name Baptist means means something special to us because it identifies us with what we believe. Baptists traditionally have believed the Bible is God’s complete revelation to mankind and is sole and final authority for all faith and practice. Baptist churches have long held to the Biblical doctrines and practices of New Testament Christianity. We call ourselves Christians because we have placed our faith in Jesus Christ as our Saviour.  We call ourselves Baptists because we believe the Baptist faith adheres to the faith once delivered to the saints.


 churchWe are an independent church!

We believe the Biblical model of the church is independent and autonomous. Because of this, we practice self-government of our own affairs. Jesus Christ is our head and the Bible is our Constitution. Although we whole-heartedly cooperate and fellowship with other churches of like-faith and practice, we do not belong to any denominational organization or submit to any man-made hierarchy of church authority.


handshakeWe are a friendly church!

We may be independent and fundamental, but we’re not mad about it! You will not sense a condescending spirit in our church. Visitors often comment about how welcome and wanted they are made to feel. We simply strive to be humble, loving, and caring servants of God. None of us are perfect and we come from a wide variety of backgrounds. You are likely to find a friend in our church who has been through some of the same things you have. Our goal is to allow God’s grace to transform us into the wonderful image of Jesus Christ and help others to do the same as we learn, live, and love God’s way!




B – Biblical Authority


A – Autonomy of the Local Church


P – Priesthood of all Believers


T – Two Ordiances: Baptism & Lord’s Supper


I – Individual Soul, Liberty


S – Saved, Baptized, Church Membership


T – Two Offices: Pastor and Deacons


S – Separation: Personal, Ecclesiastical


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